Bellissima Venezia | sunset + berm + family & friends = ahhhh


Here’s another installment of my Bellissima Venezia series–my project to stop being lazy and make an effort to capture the everyday beauty of my Venice home turf.

Now I don’t like it when they scrape up the sand and make a huge fake berm every winter. Any man-made construct that gets between me and a view of the waves is thumbs down in my book. But I have to admit I enjoy watching the kids having big fun sliding and rolling down the slopes. And I have to admit the elevation makes for a nice staging of silhouettes against the sky.

venice beach sunset ocean family photo ©

I saw some people atop the berm. This group of family and friends started to join hands as they watched the sunset. The sun went down and the colors went up. So me and my beast raced over there and climbed up the hill. I took out my trusty iPhone and got off a few shots as the sunset sky peaked and the kids were oohing and ahhing at the colors.

Ahhhhh, indeed. I sure dig living where I live.


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