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For my third pic of this series, I felt compelled to give a bark-out to my furry friend, Enzo. We’ve probably enjoyed over a thousand mighty fine Venice sunsets together. And since Enzo’s going to be 12 years old soon, I realize he’s got more behind him than he has in front of him.

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The beauty of place isn’t just found in the physical environment. It’s also embodied in the ones you’re lucky enough to share the place with. I couldn’t imagine spending the past dozen years roaming the Venice hoods with a finer beast than Enzo. He’s is low maintenance, high fun and always up for anything.

Since all us dog-nuts feel we have the best dog in the world, I’ll refrain from that and just say I can’t imagine a canine with a bigger heart than my spaniel. For years he’s poured his heart out and given comfort and hope to sick and mentally challenged people.

pet therapy dog w special needs children marina del rey ca real estate

Here he is with some special-needs kids last week. That little guy in the walker didn’t have it in him that morning to do his tedious physical therapy. He was rolled into the hall but then he just stayed in one spot. Wasn’t moving.

But Enzo came along and gave him a kiss. That got a smile going. Then I told him that dog would sure like it if a cool kid like him would walk him down the hall. And he grabbed the leash and those frail legs started locomoting as he proudly walked that dog down the hall.

Not earth shattering, just a little thing. But sometimes little things can add up to bigger things. And stopping to notice and appreciate the good things in front of you now–might be the best thing.

Here’s to the beauty of my place and my beast. Cheers… When you want ocean front real estate in marina del rey ca, we’re the best real estate agency for you because we’ve been beach residents for many years.


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