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Since us dogs think being off-leash is off the charts, Dog Park Finder is a most sweet treat. It has a big list of off-leash areas and they’re well mapped out for your convenience.

Dog Park Finder

Dog Park Finder puts sparsely populated applications to shame, delivering long lists of parks and walks in just about every zip code. The information all comes from, a site that reviews pet-friendly and pet-unfriendly places, and it’s amassed an impressive amount of data. Not only does Dog Park Finder map out these spots, it also includes handy information such as park fees, the name of the management organization, whether there are any bathrooms and whether the park area is fenced in, not to mention user reviews so you can decide if it’s the right venue for your dog.

Dog Park Finder also includes a useful feature I have yet to see on other dog directory apps: It tells you which beaches, trails and other areas specifically forbid dogs. I would highly recommend this app for anyone looking to find a few (or a few dozen) more parks and trails in their area. Or, if you’re like me, you can just spend hours moving the map around and fantasizing about far away dog parks.

All You Need to Know

Powered by over four years of editorial research, user photos and reviews, gives you all the information you need for a quick trip to the dog park or a vacation across the country.

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– 6600+ Dog Parks, Beaches and Hikes
– 12000+ Photos and Reviews
– Accurate, hand-checked location markers!
– More details like fenced, small dog areas, restrooms, benches, hiking, hours and days of operation)
-1000+ dog friendly rest stops
– Advanced search (near current location, nearby cities, zip code search).
– Results update when you move the map for continual searching.

The Dog Park Finder displays local dog parks and search results in both map and list pages. Park details include user ratings, fenced and un-fenced markers, on-leash rules, hours and days of operation and many other notes and features of the dog park.

Data Features
-3000+ legal off-leash dog parks
-3000+ dog friendly beaches and hikes.
-1000+ dog friendly interstate rest stops
-Shows local parks near current location
-Browse by states and cities
-Advanced city, state and zip code searches.
-Precise locations, correct location within city parks (no auto placed pins!!)
-Over 14 information fields including park fees, hours, fencing, address, park size, restrooms and other notes. Expanded from the free version.
-5000+ photos
-7000+ reviews and ratings

User Features
-Get Directions to park
-View a list of nearest dog parks
-View a map of nearest dog parks
-Results updates map scrolls
-Search for parks (both list and map views).
-Email to your friends.
-Forward dog park info to a friend.
-View detailed website park information in the app
-Read and write reviews in the app


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