January 2013

Bears humor comic viewing Venice beach real estate agents houses on a computer.

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This is one of the cutest videos I’ve seen and apparently over 11 million people agree. The viral video of these two babies is short and sweet, and if you need a smile, it’s quite a treat. Twin girls are eating their peas when their father starts playing his guitar. They look at each other, […]

If you don’t crack a smile watching these wonderful kids, check your pulse. Enjoy! .

Good morning, weird morning. Although this looks like a night time oceanscape with the moon rising, this photo was actually taken early morning from the pier.

This fabulous party is our first fundraiser of the year and we hope to see our biggest supporters there to enjoy a lovely evening in honor of our homeless “mutts”.

Don’t miss this annual pet extravaganza, presented by the City of Beverly Hills’ Community Services Department. Woofstock 90210 is an exciting, day-long festival for dogs and their guardians

The babies in the clip laugh uncontrollably with their dogs, as if they’re hearing a comedian tell bawdy jokes at a club. A most excellent baby/dog comedy fest.