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Good morning, weird morning. Although this looks like a night time oceanscape with the moon rising, this photo was actually taken early morning from the pier.

It was a very foggy morning and the sun peeked through for a moment. I pointed my iPhone at the orb and was quite surprised to see this resulting image.

Photo taken at dawn from the Venice pier where real estate agency Beach Bums realty is located

I’m finding that weird and interesting things happen when I point my iPhone’s camera right at the sun. It seems that bright light freaks out the poor phone and its brain gets momentarily fried and it’s not quite sure what to do about processing the image. Sometimes odd colors result. Sometimes strange lens flares or grain patterns. It’s not predictable and most often the photo is basically ruined. But occasionally cool stuff happens.

Although I feel guilty, like I’m torturing the poor machine by blinding its mind’s eye, I intend to keep doing it. You think there’s such a thing as iPhone karma? Hope not. Good night. When you want ocean front real estate in venice ca, we’re the best real estate agency for you because we’ve been beach residents for many years.


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