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A deep retreat experience of art, music, performance, ceremony, workshops, food, and visual media. A time of pleasure and relaxation on some of the most beautiful land on Earth, situated above the cloud line. May 24-27 in Malibu.

Drawing on the Moon is curated by a variety of music, art, performance, and health heads from California and around the globe. Attendees can expect eclectic forms of entertainment from deep, disco, & soulful beats to polyrhythmic world instrumentation, comedy, dance, newly invented instruments, theater, and so much more. Venice real estate agents present music and arts festival in beach area teepeeThis is the first music festival to incorporate so many different genres of music and performance. DOTM’s mission is to allow intelligent mature attendees tailor their experiences to their mood, rather than being force-fed media at volumes loud enough to obliterate eardrums.

Drawing on the Moon is intended to be a comfortable experience for you and a benefit for good causes. 20% of every dollar spent at Drawing on the Moon is donated to ELSA

ELSA: Non-profit offering Animal Assisted Growth And Learning

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It’s unlikely you will get too lost 😉 Nor will you have to wait in any long lines to enter or be served food & beverages. Our staff are friendly and helpful plus will have time to answer most of your questions. All attendees are treated equally, so leave your egos behind. This event is a stress reduction zone where we will nourish you from beginning to end. Tickets are limited to 800 attendees, so get them while you can.

The producers of this event, have traveled the world and are bringing together music and teachers from our journeys to share at this Full Moon Fiesta. From Nepalese tabla player to Greek expat DJ originally from detroit. From English osteopath to Italian chef. From award winning scientist to experimental film, music, and performance we will offer the finest variety of content.

Venice real estate agents present music and arts festival in beach area drawing on the moonThis is truly the most beautiful, fun, easy, and affordable way to spend Memorial Day Weekend under the Full Moon, like never before. You could travel the whole world and likely not find a sweeter piece of land so cared for by its caretakers!

DRAWING ON THE MOON is in support of a variety of causes which will be presented in our cause lounge. 20% of every dollar spent at DRAWING ON THE MOON is donated to ELSA. 5% of art sales go to support The Do ArT Foundation.   ELSA is a non-profit organization offering Animal Assisted Growth And Learning and garden programs in a ranch setting for youth, families, adults and groups, including those diagnosed with autism and other special  needs, using rescued horses and ranch animals. The programs inspire new approaches to everyday life and promote healthy relationships.


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