Bellissima Venezia – a serene Venice canal scene

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Although I’ve lived in Venice for over 20 years, sometimes its beauty still blows me away. This image is part of my new year’s resolution to visually capture the everyday beauty of my home on a regular basis.

Just the daily stuff I see walking around, nothing special. But trying to see the special in the everyday, the mundane. Attempting to come by a new perspective on something I’ve seen a thousand times. Since I usually walk my dog several times a day, there’s ample opportunity to notice stuff. I just have to nudge myself to be aware, and not be lazy, and grab my iPhone or camera. So that’s idea and time will tell if this resolution is kept or fades away like all the others usually have.

Venice beach canals paddle surfboarding

So last week I’m walking along the canals and the early morning light was striking. I got up on a bridge across the grand canal and stared for a while at the ripples some ducks were making. Arf! My dog, Enzo, barks and I  turn around. I notice a woman is floating our way on her paddle board. I fumble for the iPhone in my pocket, almost dropping it, but snatching it just before it smashes on the bridge..

The fair maiden floats under the bridge and I manage to get off a few clicks. Not bad, huh? Bellissima Venezia. To be continued. Beach Bums real estate agents assist you in finding beach houses and condos for sale in Venice ca.
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