Dog Humor | Enzo’s video pick – world’s funnest & smartest bulldog

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I, Enzo, a Spaniel of sound heart and mind, hereby dub Gabe, the funnest & smartest bulldog in all the world! Just watching Gabe do his stuff is such a crack-up and he’s such a skilled beast to boot.

It’s hilarious watching him and his big rolly-polly body performing various stunts and tricks. I’ve seen bulldogs ride skateboards before, and one right here in Venice is great at it. And Gabe does ride a skateboard pretty fast, but I haven’t seen a bulldog riding a rocking horse before. You gotta check that out! I read that Gabe is a Worldwide Fido Award Winner, whatever the heck that is. And his companion & skilled trainer is Cheryl Knapp. Go Gabe go! Arf!

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