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Who among us hasn’t considered building a private roller coaster through our home to sell the property?

Selling a house is one of the biggest things people will do in their lives. Making a good first impression for people viewing is one of the key things you’ll need to master with age old tricks like baking fresh bread used to entice people to part with their cash.

One man in Holland has taken things to another level though by building an entire roller coaster that guides people around the house. You’d have to say a tad excessive but the guy obviously has a lot of time on his hands. The kids and dogs would be sold right away!

An-innovative-way-to-sell-real-estate-is-to-build-roller-coaster-for-showing-buyers- An-innovative-way-to-sell-real-estate-is-to-build-roller-coaster-for-showing-buyers-


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