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Here are seven websites designed to help you make a more informed decision when buying dog food. They are excellent guides to aid in selecting safe and healthy food to nourish your furry friend.


Here are seven helpful websites to check for independent reviews of dog foods. I’ve used Dog Food Advisor before and found their reviews and explanations about the various aspects of dog food to be very helpful.

Venice Beach dog real estate agent Nunzi with dog food guide information1. Dog Food Advisor: This prolific site lists over 900 reviews of more than 3,900 pet food products, and includes an extensive forum for information-sharing. The site developer had a personal experience with losing a pet to bad dog food. He has listed information that includes recalls, good and bad ingredients for dogs, and even how to estimate the proper serving size for a pet.

2. Dog Food Analysis: This analysis website provides information on more than 1,500 dry dog foods. The site is part of and has been providing food reviews for 10 years. The group tests for amounts of meat and meat products in dry dog food.

3. Pet Food Talk: Here, dog owners can find the best dry food for their dog or cat by sifting through cost vs. quality. The site provides a variety of reviews about ingredient choices, dog health, and diet type, along with information on the best food for Fido or Fluffy.

4. Pet Food Ratings: Quick reference guides help users on this site along with a list of 19 of the best dry dog foods. It gives rankings for several grain-free dry dog foods and provides a glossary of terms often found on the ingredients lists of dry dog food labels.

5. Dog Food Scoop: This site looks for human-grade dog food, meaning food that is suitable for human consumption. It also checks for ingredient sources — recommending that dog food come from only inspected facilities in “reputable” countries.

6. This is stop No. 1 for dry dog food recall information. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration posts voluntary recalls by dog food makers as well as those mandated by the FDA for safety reasons.

7. The Whole Dog Journal: The Whole Dog Journal is an online magazine that publishes a variety of information about dog training, care, and nutrition. The journal also produces a yearly list of the best dry dog foods. Note: While some informational articles are available for free at this website, only paid subscribers may access the best dry dog foods list.


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