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Venice beach doggie realtor Nunzi at Beach Bums Realty headquartersWe have a new doggie realtor here and his name is Nunzi.

Although he is admittedly a young rookie, Nunzi is a hard worker, doggedly determined, and is digging into his job with furry ferocity. He will be very happy to help you out with all your real estate needs. Especially if you happen to have any duck jerky with you.

Here is a video of him diligently “working” at his computer

Greg & Enzo Mancuso

Venice beach real estate agent

Venice beach real estate agent

Greg and Enzo are two beach bums who run Beach Bums Realty where they fetch beach homes for people longing to become beach bums themselves.

Greg and Enzo have over 15 years of beach bum experience, so they know the beach areas of Los Angeles like the back of their hands. And paws. If you wanna live near the cool deep blue sea, these bums are the ones to give a bark-out to.

But the best thing about Enzo is that he’s a certified doctor-dog. Yep, he has served as a Pet Partners therapy dog for years and dispenses his mutt medicine to help sick, disabled and special needs humans.

This furry care-giver joins forces with Greg to form a dynamic duo, known as a Therapy Team, who swoop into a bunch of places and conjure tons of comfort and smiles to people in their community who need it the most.

(If you have a pet and want to find out more and maybe get in on the fun your own self–then please click over to our Pet Therapy page for more info)

These two are top-dog realtors who have over 15 years combined experience. While at Keller Williams, they received the “Top Listing Agents” and “Top Selling Agents” awards several times.

To give you an idea of how good these guys are, there was this home that three agents tried to sell and none of them could. Tsk-tsk. Then Greg and Enzo came to the rescue. They activated their super-duper marketing plan, worked real real hard, and sold the home within three weeks. For a higher price than the other three agents had it listed for. Wow!

But Greg isn’t just a boring realtor. Nope. He’s been an award-winning photographer and writer for many years and has worked for tons of our finest magazines and companies. His stuff has appeared in Time, Business Week, Forbes, People, Us, ESPN, Architectural Digest, California and Sunset magazine among others. Greg has also written numerous articles and screenplays. He has a produced feature film credit for the thriller ONE GOOD TURN and has directed a couple of commercials and worked as an assistant director for several feature films.

Enzo was born in Altadena California, and Greg growed up in da Bronx and they are now based at the beach in Venice where they engage in various beach bum escapades with assorted ne’er-do-wells which can’t be mentioned here or in polite company. Nuff said.

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