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Funny-dog-video-of-puppy-trying-to-join-his-mother-on-a-treadmill-inspiring-and-touching-for-kids-Funny Dog Video | puppy’s many funny attempts to join dad
Awwww you gotta love this puppy’s bravery and determination. Though only 5 weeks old, he’s not going to let anything keep him from doing stuff with his dad–no matter what weird obstacles get in his way!

Text messages from dogs living in venice caDog Humor | if our dogs could text…
If our dogs could text, they might send us messages like these. A funny compilation from the UK.


first-dogs-in-MRI-scanner,-finding-out-what-they-are-thinking,-scannerDog Behavior | first dogs in MRI scanner, finding out what they’re thinking
After training dogs to go in an M.R.I. scanner for the first time, with the goal of determining how dogs’ brains work and what they think of humans, scientist comes to inescapable conclusion: us dogs are people too.

Funny-dog-video-of-dog-pushing-boy-off-sled-stealing-sled-riding-it-himselftFunny Dog Video | dog pushes boy off sled & goes sledding solo
This is a fun one and I think this Frenchie has played Grand Theft Auto before and got some carjacking tips. It’s amazing how well this little guy derails the sled this boy is already riding & pushes him right off. I would like to try this sometime.

Amanda-Foundation-Mimosa-Madness-to help rescue homeless dogs, TBarker Event | Mimosa Madness – valentine celebration for Amanda Foundation
Be a party animal and party for the animals. The Amanda Foundation invites you to celebrate the one love that will never let you down: the one you share with your furry pal!

Dog-CPR-chart-showing-the-Heimlich-manuver-&-other-dog-life-saving-techniques-TDog Wellness | saving your dog in an emergency
Here is an easy to follow info-graphic that shows techniques to save your dog in an emergency situation. Includes CPR and the doggie Heimlich

Funny-dog-video-compilation-showing-dogs-bad-behavior-to-avoid-taking-baths-they-hateFunny Dog Video – top ten bath hating dogs
Although I kinda like taking a bath, many of my fellow canines don’t. These must be the top ten bath hating dogs of all time and their wacky avoidance techniques are hilarious.


Post image for Enzo dog video | Amazing, crazy, funny, flying dog

Dog Humor | amazing, crazy, funny, flying dog
This dog has so much spring and crazy energy he literally bounces off walls! He leaps off stuff and flies over 20 feet in the air! He’s also got a great sense of comic timing and loves what he does. You’ll enjoy watching this blur of a beast.

Post image for Barker Event | Strut Your Mutt – rescue benefit & fun time for pooches & peeps

Barker Event | Strut Your Mutt – rescue benefit & fun time for pooches & peeps
You and your dog are invited to join Best Friends Animal Society’s 4th Annual Strut Your Mutt in Los Angeles. Please come out and enjoy a tail-wagging day with your dog, while raising funds to help save the lives of shelter pets in L.A.

Post image for Dog Wellness | Helping your ‘good old dog’ navigate aging

Dog Wellness | Helping your ‘good old dog’ navigate aging
Veterinary behaviorist Nicholas Dodman has worked with aging dogs for decades. He says that old age isn’t a disease, but a stage of life for pets and owners to navigate. He has some excellent advice for lovers of old dogs like me–arf!

Post image for Dog Humor | Enzo’s video pick – world’s funnest & smartest bulldog

Dog Humor | world’s funnest & smartest bulldog
I, Enzo, a Spaniel of sound heart and mind, hereby dub thee Gabe, the funnest & smartest bulldog in all the world! Just watching Gabe do his stuff is such a crack-up and he’s such a skilled beast to boot. It’s hilarious watching his big rolly-polly body performing various stunts and tricks.

Post image for Dog Behavior | new finding about wolves evolution into dogs

Dog Behavior | new finding about wolves evolution into dogs
In this new finding, geneticists say they have identified one of the key changes that turned wolves into the tame, tail-wagging creatures well-suited to living by our sides–the ability to digest carbohydrates with ease.





Dog Humor | 9 seconds + 1 puppy = 1 human laugh
Yep, this one is sure short but sweet–9 seconds. This puppy reminds me of me when I was a puppy who was first learning how to catch. And kept failing. And failing. Arf!


Dog Humor | Excellent dog shaming clip
My fave poor pooch behavior clip. Maymo the lemon beagle is caught on video making very poor choices and is ‘shamed’ for his skullduggery.


Dog Humor | Dog trying to play fetch with statue
This is the very definition of dogged determination. This pooch is totally convinced a statue of a man is actually alive and has to play fetch with him. Must play! This is one very determined Border Collie. Us Spaniels would never do this.


Dog Humor | Puppy eating in a very weird way
I’ve seen a lot of dogs eating and this puppy takes the cake for strangest methods ever. This Boston Terrier kid is hilarious. It can be embarrassing being a puppy–sure glad I’m all growed up.

Funny-youtube-video-of-dogs-wildly-playing-who-won't-stop-until-they-hear-the-magic-word thumb

Dog Humor | The magic word freezes these dogs
Here’s one that epitomizes a dog’s nature. When a canine is focused on something  and having big fun, they’re thinking–‘why the heck should we stop? No way!’  So what’s the magic word that stops these two from wildly fighting/playing on the sofa. Can you guess? Huh?

Video-of-small-bulldog-who-meets-big-police-horse-&-decides-they-should-be-friends t

Dog Humor | bulldog wants to be police horse’s friend
This little French bulldog spots a huge police horse in NYC and decides they should become best buds. Why not?


Dog Video | Jesse the little terrier performs a big bunch of “useful dog tricks”

Here’s my furry friend’s second installment of his “Useful Dog Tricks” collection. I think it would take me several doggie lifetimes to learn all the tricks he can do.

Post image for Dog Wellness | financial assistance for veterinary careDog Wellness | financial assistance for veterinary care

It can get expensive keeping us dogs healthy. And super-duper expensive when we get a serious illness or injury. So I dug up a bunch of organizations that offer financial assistance for vet care.

Dog/Human Connection | photo essay proving us dogs are the most loyal animals of all

Here’s a touching photo essay showing why we’re man’s best friend. Thanks to Pattie for sending.

Post image for Dog Products| Apps | Dog Park Finder – sniffs out places where we can romp in the wild or the cityDog Products| Apps | Dog Park Finder – sniffs out places where we can romp in the wild or the city

Since us dogs think being off-leash is off the charts, Dog Park Finderis a most sweet treat. It has a big list of off-leash areas and they’re well mapped out for your convenience.

Post image for Dog Video | beast making baby hystericalDog Video | beast making baby hysterical

This one’s simple and sweet. Here’s a baby who thinks his pooch is quite a comedian–but I don’t know why. Babies can be pretty silly.


EnzoCombo dog fights flea, thumb

Dog Wellness | The Enzo Combo – the natural way I keep fleas outta my fur
Nothing us dogs hate more than those evil, pesky, disgusting fleas. But the chemicals in flea treatments are darn scary. Fear not, dogs and dog lovers. Cause I’m gonna tell you a natural way to keep fleas outta our fur.


Dog Video guitar loving golden retriever

Dog Humor | Video | Beast is addicted to guitar, but in a good way
I don’t have much to say about this one except that it’s simple, sweet and funny. And I like it a lot. His smile will make you grin.



Fido Factor iphone app dogs in bar

Dog Products | Apps | Fido Factor – Mobile guide to dog-friendly locations–don’t leave home without your best friend again
Think us dogs wanna be left behind while you go have fun? Well we don’t! Not never! So fetch the Fido Factor app and it’ll tell you where you can go with your canine, where ever you happen to go.


Video how dog tongues drink liquidsDog Behavior | Video | Scientist uncovers the secret of how canines really lap up liquids–burp!
Who knew? Seems nobody did. Not until these smart scientists recently shot this video and figured it out, did anyone know the real technique dogs use to slurp liquids.Turns out, we drink backwards! Huh?


Dog beach canine in ocean venice beach caDog Recreation | Beasts like the beach too, so please sign this petition to get us one
Please sign the petition to help us pooches get a trial dog beach in Santa Monica. The City Council finally gave a thumbs up, but Parks & Rec then kicked sand in our face. Grrrr! Thus the petition drive.



Dog Sense book by John BradshawDog Behavior | “Dog Sense” – Groundbreaking book on the hows and whys of what us dogs do and think–helping you to be dog’s best friend
What can I say about “Dog Sense: How the New Science of Dog Behavior Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet”? Wow, what a book, and a big loud WOOF! It’s like John Bradshaw, the author, is reading my furry mind.


Pet therapy dog in hospitalDog Activities | Yipeeeee for pet therapy–I love being a therapy dog and I bet your pooch would too
There’s nothing’s more fun and rewarding for pooches and peeps to do together than pet therapy! It’s a blast and I bet your beast would be head over paws happy doing it too. I’m gonna tell you all about it and how you can get going with it too.


Video ultimate dog tease,thumbDog Humor | Video | This funny talking canine is the barker blockbuster of all time
This dog is a dog’s dog. Know what I mean? He thinks and slobbers like me. Loves bacon and cat food like me. Yummo!