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Here are 7 websites designed to help you make a informed decisions when buying dog food. They are excellent guides to aid in selecting safe & healthy foods

Best Friends Animal Society’s Strut Your Mutt may just be the most fun you can have helping to save the lives of homeless dogs and cats in your neighborhood – and around the country. The annual fundraising dog walk, 5K run and festival culminates in a day of fun for four- and two-legged participants of […]

Being a puppy, I’ve had more than my share of falling and flopping when I try to do stuff like fetching and catching and jumping and, well, most things. Here is a funny video of my fellow canines who fail at doing things sometimes too.

We have a new doggie realtor here and his name is Nunzi. Although he is admittedly a young rookie, he is a hard worker and is doggedly determined and is digging into his job with ferocity.

WEDNESDAY June 10, 2015 STARTING AT 7PM – Hamburger Mary’s – 8288 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood Join BAF for a night of fabulous fun! A $20 donation will get you 10 bingo game cards plus one bonus card. Each bingo game winner receives a prize and we’ll have a few great items available for […]

Here are some extremely determined dogs and their humorous attempts to befriend cats. Unfortunately for dogs, their in-your-face style of friendship doesn’t mesh very well with personal space-loving cats. But after many repeated rejections, some canines finally get the felines to change their minds.

This heartwarming video shows how 3D printing technology has given this dog the mobility & freedom to run, walk & stand with his leg prosthetics.

A study on human and animal interaction is demonstrating that despite their penchant for sniffing and eating all sorts of unsavory things, dogs may be making you healthier with probiotic kisses. So put down the yogurt and give your pup a smooch!

If our dogs could text, they might send us messages like these. A funny compilation from the UK.

There are two kinds of guilty dogs. The ones who immediately go into submissive mode with a look that says, “go on, eat my belly, I deserve it, oh the embarrassment!”. Then there are the ones who avoid the issue at all costs! They’re thinking, “Well if I just don’t acknowledge this unfortunate situation, I’m sure it will magically disappear.