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It’s that frightening time of year again–spooky beasts gather at our annual Dog-O-Ween party! Come on down Sunday to Venice beach at Ocean Front Walk and 23rd St for a furry fun time.

Throw on some comfy shoes, leash up your dog, and join us, once again, for Best Friends Animal Society’s 5th Annual Strut Your Mutt in L.A.

Awwww you gotta love this puppy’s bravery and determination! He looks to be only 5 weeks old, but he so much wants to be close to his dad no matter where he is or what the heck he is doing.

I can see why this video went from zero to over 4 million views within a week–it’s fun, fun fun, gots lots of happy dogs, killer song and done up in a high quality production.

In this funny video, a goofy dog acts like a little kid who thoroughly protests and refuses to do what you tell him to do. The pooch refuses to stop watching TV and to get off the couch. She argues and argues. Remind you of anyone?

Be a party animal and party for the animals. The Amanda Foundation invites you to celebrate the one love that will never let you down: the one you share with your furry pal!

After training dogs to go in an M.R.I. scanner for the first time, with the goal of determining how dogs’ brains work and what they think of humans, scientist comes to inescapable conclusion: us dogs are people too.

Here is an easy to follow info-graphic that shows techniques to save your dog in an emergency situation. Includes CPR and the doggie Heimlich

This is a fun one and I think this Frenchie has played Grand Theft Auto before and got some carjacking tips. It’s amazing how well this little guy derails the sled this boy is already riding & pushes him right off. I would like to try this sometime.

Although I kinda like taking a bath, many of my fellow canines don’t. These must be the top ten bath hating dogs of all time and their wacky avoidance techniques are hilarious.