Video of a hound dog going about the daily human activities from waking up to the alarm, getting dressed, brushing teeth, having breakfast, watching TV and driving to work.

Yep, this one is sure short but sweet–nine seconds. This puppy reminds me of me when I was a puppy who was first learning how to catch. And kept failing. Arf!

Here’s a video of a cat impersonating a barking dog when he thinks no one is watching.

This is my most favorite collection of laughing babies ever. Being a dog, I can tell you this video shows the reasons why babies are a canine’s favorite human flavor.

If you don’t crack a smile watching these wonderful kids, check your pulse. Enjoy! .

The babies in the clip laugh uncontrollably with their dogs, as if they’re hearing a comedian tell bawdy jokes at a club. A most excellent baby/dog comedy fest.

Here’s my furry friend’s second installment of his “Useful Dog Tricks” collection. I think it would take me several doggie lifetimes to learn all the tricks he can do.

This one’s simple and sweet. Here’s a baby who thinks his pooch is quite a comedian–but I don’t know why.

This dog is a dog’s dog. Know what I mean? He thinks and slobbers like me. Loves bacon and cat food like me. Yummo!