venice beach dogs

It’s that frightening time of year again–spooky beasts gather at our annual Dog-O-Ween party! Come on down Sunday to Venice beach at Ocean Front Walk and 23rd St for a furry fun time.

Here’s my furry friend’s second installment of his “Useful Dog Tricks” collection. I think it would take me several doggie lifetimes to learn all the tricks he can do.

Much Love Animal Rescue and the Feel Good Film Festival are pleased to invite you to a very special evening! Opening Night of the 5th Annual Feel Good Film Festival

Since us dogs think being off-leash is off the charts, Dog Park Finder is a most sweet treat. It has a big list of off-leash areas and they’re well mapped out for your convenience.

Barker Event | comedy and music benefit for Unleash The Beach

A wonderful animal rescue group, Amanda Foundation, who has been helping lots of us dogs for years, is having a movie premiere event

I don’t have much to say about this one except that it’s simple, sweet and funny. And I like it a lot. His smile will make you grin.

Amusing video of an amazing dog performing his housekeeper & personal valet talents. Watch & be bow wowed.