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The most expensive house in the world, venice beach real estate 1 TCool & Beachy Homes |  the most expensive house in the world
There’s a $500 million house being built in Bel Air that has four swimming pools and even a jellyfish room. A jellyfish room?

An-innovative-way-to-sell-real-estate-is-to-build-roller-coaster-for-showing-buyers t-Real Estate Innovation | roller coaster built to sell house
Who among us hasn’t considered building a private roller coaster through our home to sell the property?

Venice real estate agency Beach Bums Realty home project guide to recoup costs when selling house - T.Real Estate Tips | top 10 home projects to recoup costs
When considering making a change to a home, most homeowners look at the cost of the improvement compared with the value it is likely to bring when the home is resold. Here are the top 10 home projects.


Venice Beach Art Crawl 4th Anniversary eventBeach Bums Events | Venice Art Crawl 4th anniversary party
It’s Venice Art Crawl‘s 4th birthday so it’s only natural to throw a party! Join us Thursday, August 21st at Full Circle Venice on Rose Ave to celebrate

Venice real estate agency giving best buying tips for self-employed people to purchase beach houses - couple TReal Estate Tips | must know info for the self-employed home buyer
Excellent advice for self-employed people contemplating a home purchase


Youtube-funny-dog-video-of-dogs-having-a-beach-party-with-a-cat-swimming-in-the-ocean-with-them,-viral-video-clip-for-kidsEnzo’s video pick | dog beach party & swimming cat
You can see why this video went from zero to over 4 million views within a week–it’s fun, fun fun, gots lots of happy dogs, killer song and done up in a high quality production.


Venice real estate agency tips for home improvement projects that won't increase value of house for sale in Venice beach CA, TReal Estate Tips | 5 home improvement projects to avoid
If you plan on moving in two to three years, don’t invest money in home improvement projects that won’t increase the resale value of your home.


Venice dog, husky in funny video having a temper tantrumEnzo’s video pick | goofy husky throwing temper tantrum
In this funny video, a goofy dog acts like a little kid who thoroughly protests and refuses to do what you tell him to do. The pooch refuses to stop watching TV and to get off the couch. She argues and argues. Remind you of anyone?

Comparison of buying vs. renting showing investment savings by Venice real estate agents TReal Estate Tips | buying vs. renting comparison
Monthly mortgage payments for the typical home currently compare more favorably to rents than at any time since the early 1970’s.


Taste of Venice food and wine event where Beach Bums Realty real estate agents enjoy the tastes of the wonderful Venice restaurants, tBeach Bums Events | Taste of Venice 5th annual food & wine event
Join us for the 5th annual “Taste of Venice” A unique food and wine event that celebrates the amazing culinary talent that has made Venice a top destination for foodies. Over 400 guests will be supporting local Venice nonprofit Inside Out Community Arts.

Shadow-and-leaping-dog-tDog Humor | Enzo’s video pick – dog thinks shadow is monster he must stomp
I’ve never seen a dog do this one before & with 4 million views in a few weeks, I’m apparently not alone. And I’ve seen a lot of weird dogs–especially here in LA. This crazy dog all of a sudden becomes convinced his shadow is a dangerous monster–and he must stomp it into submission.

Post image for Beach Bums Event | 7th Annual Venice Community Picnic

Beach Bums Event | 7th Annual Venice Community Picnic
The Venice Neighborhood Council’s 7th annual Venice community free Potluck Picnic and BBQ will be held on Saturday August 3 from 12–4 pm. Somebody say free?!

Post image for Dog Humor | Enzo’s video pick – world’s funnest & smartest bulldog

Dog Humor | Enzo’s video pick – world’s funnest & smartest Bulldog
I, Enzo, a Spaniel of sound heart and mind, hereby dub Gabe, the funnest & smartest Bulldog in all the world! Just watching Gabe do his stuff is such a crack-up and he’s such a skilled beast to boot!

Post image for Bellissima Venezia | sunset x family + friends = ahhhh

Bellissima Venezia | sunset x family + friends = ahhhh
Here’s another installment of my Bellissima Venezia series–my project to stop being lazy and make an effort to capture the everyday beauty of my Venice home turf.

Post image for Real Estate Tips & Tricks | financial perks of home ownership

Real Estate Tips & Tricks | financial perks of home ownership
Owning a home has several tax incentives and generally improves your overall net worth. And that ain’t half bad.


Venice-real-estate-agents-present-music-and-arts-festival-in-beach-area-landscapeBeach Bums Events | Drawing On The Moon – music & arts festival
A deep retreat experience of art, music, performance, ceremony, workshops, food, and visual media. A time of pleasure and relaxation on some of the most beautiful land on Earth, situated above the cloud line.

Funny-video-of-funny-dog-doing-human-tasks-dressing,driving,brush-teeth-2Humor | Enzo’s video pick – dog doing human things
Video of a hound dog going about the daily human activities from waking up to the alarm, getting dressed, brushing teeth, having breakfast, watching TV and driving to work.

Venice beach canals paddle surfboardingBellissima Venezia – a serene Venice canal scene
Although I’ve lived in Venice for over 20 years, sometimes its beauty still blows me away. This image is part of my new year’s resolution to visually capture the everyday beauty of my home on a regular basis.

Santa Monica real estate agency tax tips for home sellers to maximize gains tReal Estate Tips & Tricks | Good tax info for home sellers
Easy to follow tax tips to guide you when you’re contemplating a move.

venice beach art crawlBeach Bums Events | Venice Art Crawl – creative fun in Venice

The Venice Art Crawl is crawling with creative fun. This is  a non-profit and non-boring organization by and for the people. Their goal is to strengthen communication and collaboration within the Venice community through art events.

Post image for Humor | Enzo’s favorite laughing babies supercutHumor | Enzo’s favorite laughing babies supercut

 This is my most favorite collection of laughing babies ever. Being a dog, I can tell you this video shows the reasons why babies are a canine’s favorite human flavor.

Post image for Apps | GasBuddy – great free app that finds the cheapest gasApps | GasBuddy – great free app that finds the cheapest gas

This superb free app, GasBuddy, finds the cheapest gas prices on the go or at locales you know. GB is my BFF and he wants to be yours too.

Neighborhoods | Origins of our cool Venice beach canalsNeighborhoods | Venice – origins of our cool canals 

A video about the origins of our cool Venice Canals, and a look at them today.

Post image for Neighborhoods | Marina Del Rey – morning weirdly turns into nightNeighborhoods | Marina Del Rey – morning weirdly turns into night

Good morning, weird morning. Although this looks like a night time oceanscape with the moon rising, this photo was actually taken early morning from the pier.