5 Vacation Destinations Where Your Dog Can Join The Trip


Nunzi - sleeping on sofa -IMG_8834Going on trips is a fun and relaxing way to spend your days off, and more often than not, people choose to go away for a few days. So, what do you do with your dog? You leave it in a doggy hotel or with a family member or friend. While that is a practical method of keeping your furry friend safe, you may sometimes want to bring your dog along. After all, your friendship is valuable, and you will definitely miss each other.

The bad news is that not all the places you may want to visit accommodate pets. It may sound cruel, and it’s not like your dog damages anything. After all, the pet lives in the same house as you do, and you can attest for its behavior. But even so, hotels and restaurants are not so eager to host dogs. That is why we put together a list of places where you can bring your dog with you.

The Fjords of Norway

Scandinavian people love their pets, so it makes sense that the people of Norway will accept both you and your doggo in their hotels and restaurants. Most of them will take both of you in and accommodate you as best as possible. Not to mention that the Fjords provide beautiful scenery where you can take hikes on numerous trails. You are allowed to bring your dog on the hike as well since the trails are made to be walked by two-legged creatures, as well as by four-legged furry friends. So, explore the Fjords knowing that your dog is there by your side the whole trip. He or she will have a lot of fun.


Not only that Tasmania offers miles and miles of beaches, but the dog-friendly atmosphere will make you want to live there. The dogs are allowed on the beach, which is not as common as you may want, which provides a lot of fun for you and your non-speaking by barking friend. Plus, if you have an energetic dog, you too will have a lot of fun going on the trails.

Auckland, New Zealand

It is common knowledge that Kiwis are into nature, so animals are always welcome. Most hotels and restaurants will let you in with your dog as long as he is on a leash. The beaches allow dogs too, and you can both hike on one of the many trails. You will also find a lot of off-leash doggy parks in New Zealand, where you can let your dog can make some new foreign friends. But you can take him wherever you want. Just make sure to clean up after your dog does his business. Kiwis like their nature clean. So does the rest of the world, for that matter.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a beautiful, historic city where you can spend a lovely vacation. And your dog is welcome too. You can take long walks along the riverbank, or you can go to one of the many parks. And when you are both tired, you can rest at one of the many dog-friendly cafes. Do not forget to get a treat for your four-legged friends as well.

Menorca, Spain

While this does not apply for most Spanish destinations, you can take your dog with you if you go to Menorca. Most hotels and establishments accommodate pets, and some of them even offer special treatments for your dog. You can even pamper your friend with a day at a spa. And in the evening, if you want to have dinner out, you can take your pet as well. As long as you keep him in a leash, of course.

Traveling is fun, but it will always be better with your four-legged companion. It may prove a little more difficult because of the logistics, but your loyal friend is worth it. You may need a visa when you visit one of these places. And your pet may need some documentation that attests his health. But that can be quickly fixed. Other than that, we hope that the both of you have a lot of fun experiences. The places above should make it easier for you.

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